About us

My goal as a breeder is to produce strong, healthy, beautiful dogs with excellent mentality for work, show and most important, family.
I aim for beauty and brains in one package.

About me,
My name is Madlen and I live and breath for dogs. 
I was born into the “doglife” by a mother who have been breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since as far as i can remember.
I got my first own dog when I was 10 years old, a male Cavalier named Bernard, he was my best friend. I went to obedience training and agility training with him but he didn’t really have the energy for it, he would rather go for walks and have cozy days at home. Since i wanted to be more active then my lovely boy wanted to, two years later I got my second dog, a female named Tindra. She had it all, she was a big, big dog in a small package with the energy, attitude and temperament perfect for training. She became a really good agility dog and we got 12 wonderful years together. Thanks to my mother and her passion for dogs I got an early start with both dogshows and training. Dogs are truly my big passion in life!
As time passed by I understood that I wanted “more” dog then a Cavalier, even if i really love the Cavaliers and still have two in our pack.
I investigated all kinds of breeds to find “my breed” - the breed I really wanted and not the breed I got from my family, but the breed that fitted my picture of a life together with the perfect dog. So I listed what I wanted:
Working dog, friendly, graceful, beautiful, medium sized/big dog with a fun personality.
This formula = Dobermann!
The choice was made and so doubtless. Dobermann was my breed.
Said and done I searched for months after the breeder that had what I was looking for and believe me, there is a lot of excellent breeders in Europe! I had contact with some different breeders but after I met with Hanne Lundahl, Dobergaarden Forever Kennel in Denmark I was sure that this was where I wanted to buy my first puppy from.
So I got my first Dobermann puppy, Dobergaarden Forever Rainbow Kenzi. She was my dream and my big love from day one.

I’m an educated dog trainer for puppy courses and agility courses but a working dog was at this point when i bougth Kenzi something totaly new to me. I’m very grateful that I have my breeder Hanne and her son Pierre by my side, they have helped me with everything and they are always there for me when I have questions or need support. I’m forever thankful to them for all the knowledge they have shared with me and I found friends for life and now I’m a proud and thankful member of the Dobergaarden family. I know that they will always be there for me and i cant thank them enough.
Now thanks to their openness and willingness to teach and help, I have a good foundation to stand on when I start my own Dobermann kennel. 

It’s very important to have someone that you can go to for help and advice because the journey with a Dobermann is not always a walk in the park. It takes a lot of training, effort and patience to raise a Dobermann, but I can assure you that it will all be worth it! In a Dobermann you will find a loyal friend that is always by your side, ready for whatever adventure you want to do.
As a breeder I will always be there for all my buyers and help you as much as possible throughout your dog’s life, if you want me to. You are always welcome to our home and you can call me whenever you want to, i will always do my very best to support you. 

Our dogs live with us as family members. It’s important for me that you as a buyer share this view of your dog, that the dog should be a part of the family and get the exercise, training and love they deserve and need.
When we have puppies I will be sleeping in the same room to be able to keep a close eye on them at all time. We will socialize them and make sure that when you bring your puppy home it’s a comfortable and confident individual that leave our kennel to start their adventure of life with their new owner.   

We have a lot of space for exercise, playing with the dogs, tracking and a big training field for obedience and IGP training. We focus on this kind of training but I would say that a Dobermann is suitable for all kinds of training like Obediance, Agility, Nosework, Tracking, Heelwork to music and so on.