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Dobergaarden Forever Yoko DOB: 2016-01-30
(Bentley z Padoku x DF Aisha) 
2020-11-04 Cardiotested normal, 0 VES, no sign of DCM
Clinical examination + Ultrasound + Holter 24Hr ECG
Heart specialist: Torkel Falk

DDK Grand Prix CAC Show, Denmark 2020-11-01
Judge: Mr Thomas Becht, DE
DF Jakeem Open class, EX1, CQ, 2. Best male
DF Gorgeous Keyla Champion class EX1, CQ, best female, club-CAC, BOB ⭐️

2020-10-31 Tistrup, Denmark. Judge: Thomas Becht, DE I entered ZTP with two of my girls and both passed with V1B 
❤️DF Gorgeous Keyla (DF Louis x DF Grand Paris)
❤️DF Yoko (Bentley z Padoku x DF Aisha)

Dobergaarden Forever Gorgeous Keyla
DOB: 2017-09-05 (DF Louis x DF Grand Paris)
Cardiotested normal, 0 VES, no sign of DCM 2020-10-07 (Clinical examination + Ultrasound + Holter 24hr ECG) Heart specialist: Torkel Falk

Danish dobermann cup show day 2
Judge: Merere dalgaard 
DF Jakeem, open class  EX1, CQ, 3rd best male
DF Mon Cheri, intermediate class EX1,CQ, 3rd best female
DF Yoko open class EX2, CQ

3. Danish Dobermann Cup 2020
Judges Hans Hansen work, Allan Berling Christensen Show
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, 2 Best male
DF Mon Cheri EX1, CQ, 4 Best female
DF Yoko EX1, CQ, 5 Best female

2020-07-26 Dobergaarden forever Jakeem passed the Swedish Character test (breeding test) with 1 on shot (Best on shot)

.Exteriörbeskrivning Svenska dobermann klubben södra. Beskrivare: Marie Wiklund
Tre av våra hundar deltog idag och fick godkänd exteriör för korning
DF Yoko
DF Jakeem
DF Mon Cheri

Dobergaarden Forever Jakeem
(Colt di Perlanera x DF Payton)
⭐️Cardiotested normal, 0 VES, no sign of DCM 2020-04-28
(Clinical examination + Ultrasound + Holter 24hr ECG)
(Vet: heart specialist, Torkel Falk)

Nordic Dogshow Bø, Norway. Judge: Berge, Karl Eddie, NO
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, 3rd best male R-CAC
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CQ, CAC, Nordic CAC, BOS and Norwegian Champion!

National dog show Oslo, Norway
Judge: Campbell, Ralf D
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CQ, CAC and
DF Jakeem EX1

⭐️From todays National Show in Oslo, Norway⭐️
Judge: Børge Espeland,

DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, CAC, BOS
DF Gorgeous Keyla, EX1, CQ, CAC, BOB

MyDog National dog show, Gothenburg.
⭐️What a day!! ⭐️
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, BOS
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CQ, BOB

My Dog day 2 International dog show, Gothenburg
Judge: Blidh von Schedvin Benny
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, Best male, CACIB, BOB and Crufts qualification ⭐️
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CQ, 2nd best female R-CACIB 

International dog show Kassel
Judge: Jurgen Sauer, DE
DF Jakeem V1, Anw Dt Champion, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Kassel Sieger 2019
DF Mon Cheri V1, Anw Dt champion, Kassel Jugend siegerin 2019
DF Gorgeous Keyla V1, Anw Dt champion, R-CAC

Kassel Nat dog show
Judge Isolde Huber DE
DF Mon Cheri Junior V1 Anw Dt Jugend champion and today finished
⭐️VDH Junior Champion ⭐️
DF Gorgeous Keyla V1, Anw Dt Champion, R-CAC
DF Jakeem V2 res-Anw Dt Champion

National dog show, Åstorp
Judge: Freddie Klindrup, DK
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, Best male, BOB
And finished the day with BEST IN SHOW 3! 

International dogshow, Herning DK
Judge: Jørgen Hindse, DK
DF Jakeem intermediate class EX1, CQ, 2nd best male R-CACIB
DF Mon Cheri junior class EX3

International Dogshow Rostock
Judge: Isolde Huber, DE
DF Mon Cheri 
V1, Anw Dt Jugend Champion, BOB-Junior and
Jugendsieger Rostock 2019

International dogshow Copenhagen Winner, Ballerup, DK
2019-09-22 Judge Birthe Scheel, DK

DF Mon Cheri EX2, CQ, R J-CAC, 4. best female

2019-09-05 HDK specialty show, Kincsem dobermann Derby, Hungary
Judges: Erika Szokol (HU) Istvan Rada (HU) András Korózs (HU) 

DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CAC, Open class winner

Swedish Dobermannclub Winnershow 2019
Judge Breedspecialist: Jeanett Lemmeke, SE
DF Nemo puppy class 6-9 months VP1
DF mon Cheri junior class EX4
DF Gorgeous Keyla intermediate class EX1, CQ, 5th best female, Swedish intermediate winner 2019

National dog show, Nürnberg
Judge: Marko Lepasaar, EE
DF Gorgeous Keyla V1, anw Ch VDH, CAC, BOB
and Norissieger 2019
DF Mon Cheri V1, JCAC, Best junior and Norisjugendsieger 2019
Congratulations to Maria and DF UNO with BOS

Danish Dobermann cup 2019 Judge:
Hr Rozenberg, RS
DF Nemo puppy class VP1 BOS-Puppy
DF Mon Cheri junior class EX5
DF Gorgeous Keyla intermediate class EX1 CQ

Borås national dog show 2019-06-30 Judge: Pehar Tino, Croatia
DF Nemo BOB Puppy
DF Mon Cheri EX1, CQ, BOS ⭐️

Nordic dog show Vejen, Denmark. Judge: Tom Johnston, GB
DF Gorgeous Keyla (DF Louis x DF Grand Paris) EX1, CQ, NORDIC-CAC, BOB ⭐️

⭐️DV Siegerschau 2019, Lampertheim
Honorable judges: H Wiblishauser & T Becht
DF Gorgeous Keyla, intermediate brown female V1, R-CAC, Vice Siegerin brown female!! ⭐️
DF Nemo VV1 Puppy
DF Mon Cheri V
I’m sooooo happy!!
Thank you all for a perfect day! Thank you Hanne for my lovely dogs And thank you to the club for a well organised show!

Sydskåkk dog show 2019-06-08
Judge John-John Johnsson
DF Nemo
(Livonija Baron Daryl Dixon x DF Xanthee)
BOB-Puppy 4-6 months
DF Mon Cheri
(Asterix Del Nasi x DF Grand Paris)

Trelleborg working dog club inoff show 2019-06-06.
DF Nemo BOB-Puppy 4-6 months
DF Mon Cheri BOB-Puppy 6-9 months
I’m so happy with my babies, they behaved very good in the ring! ⭐️

International dog show Roskilde 2019-05-12 Judge: Hanne Laine, Denmark
DF Nemo BOB-Puppy
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1 

Danish Dobermann winner 2019
Judge: Jelena Radulovic
*DF Mon Cheri VP1 BOB Puppy and Danish puppy winner 2019 ⭐️
*DF Gorgeous Keyla EX3 CQ ⭐️❤️
*DF Nemo VP1 BOS Puppy⭐️

2019-03-30 International Dogshow Malmö, Sweden Judge: Olga Grin, Russia
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CQ, 2nd best female R-CACIB

⭐️Great news!⭐️
DF Gorgeous Keyla

ED 0
OCD Free
vWD Free

2019-03-16 DF Gorgeous Keyla, 18 months passed MH, Swedish character test with 1 on shot (best on shot) ❤️⭐️

Today at SBH13 DF Gorgeous Keyla and I passed our BH test!
Judge: Ella Laursen

National Dogshow, Karlsruhe 2018-11-10
Judge: Rudi Killmaier, Germany (DV Judge)
DF Gorgeous Keyla 
V1, JCAC, club JCAC, Jugendsieger Karlsruhe 2018 and Today

International Dogshow, Wels 9.12.2018
Dobergaarden Forever Gorgeous Keyla
And Austrian Junior Champion on the day!!!!  

2018-11-03 International dog show Herning, DK. Judge: Sonny Ström, SE (22 entries)
⭐️DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, CQ, JCAC, BOB
⭐️DF Uno EX1, CQ, CACIB, BOS⭐️.

2018-11-04 Danish Winner show Herning, DK. Judge: Philip Behan, Ireland (22 entries)
⭐️DF Gorgeous Keyla⭐️ 
EX1, CQ, JCAC, 3rd Best female AND
Danish Junior Winner 2018 ⭐️❤️ 
Danish Junior Champion today! ⭐️❤️

International Dog Show, Rostock, Germany 2018-10-07 Judge: Hassi Assenbacher
DF Gorgeous Keyla 
V1 JCAC, Club JCAC, BOB-junior and earned the title Jugendsieger Rostock 2018

⭐️Doberman Europe club winner 2018⭐️
Class judge, Sergej Vanzha, SK
Final judges, Sergej Vanzha, Norbert Daube & Istvan Rada

DF Gorgeous Keyla, junior V3 ⭐️❤️

Our trip to the World dog show 2018in Amsterdam is over. I’m very pleased with the results! 
3 days, 3 different breed specialists. 
DF Gorgeous Keyla got 3 excellent and two placements, V3 one day and V4 one day in very strong junior classes. 
DF Uno also got excellent all 3 days and two placements V4. 

International dog show, Bornholm DK 2018-08-19 judge: Kresten Scheel, DK
DF Gorgeous Keyla


2018-07-01 National dogshow Borås. Judge: Austin Long-Doyle, Ireland
DF Gorgeous Keyla 9,5 months 
Junior class EX1, CQ, BOB

DV sieger show 2018 (Diemelstadt) Judge: Norbert Daube and Armin Hoppe
DF Gorgeous Keyla, 9 Months 
Jugend class V3